Summer 2015

FST - 006: Miyuki - Okinawa Dream
Miyuki is the debut release of Okinawa Dream, a side of weather channel vibe artist Aloha Myriagon; as well as Floatsoft's first Future Funk release.
FST - 005: PIONEER 001 - 3D BLAST
Floatsoft enters the 3D realm with its newest release, PIONEER 001 by 3D Blast. The album makes me think of old video games and a cyberpunk world mixed into one.
FST - 004: LILA TIRANDO A VIOLETA - Lila ライラック G O L D E N - R A T I O
From Uruguay comes "Lila ライラック G O L D E N / R A T I O" by Lila Tirando a Violeta. The album plays with different styles of vaporwave, but retains a smooth, hazy feel. Definitely a must have.
FST - 003: The Pulser - DEIPHIX
The third release of the label, DEIPHIX'S "The Pulser" is a reissue and gives a completely different tone from the last two. Introducing a more gloomy side of the genre, which I, and many other fans of the genre enjoy. For fans of Oneohtrix Point Never.
FST - 002: Seabreeze - Quick Brown Fox

"Seabreeze" by Quick Brown Fox delves into a glitchy world of hazy video games. Envoking a feeling of serenity

FST - 001: Nightlove - Digital Voyager

"Nightlove" was the first album sent to me for the label, and I feel like it's a great way to introduce Floatsoft to the world due to it's hazy, late night driving feel.

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